Mini RC Truck (Red)

Mini RC Truck (Red)
Mini RC Truck (Red)
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Product Description

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Digital Proportional Mini RC Truck
This is a good rc car worth buying.

It has a cool transmitter:
.A big LED screen: you can see the current state of the operation, fine tuning state and transmitter's battery power.
.It is 2.4Ghz Radio Control: The transmitter operates on NEW 2.4GHz Spread Spectrum Technology! range and interference problems are a thing of the past! With 2.4GHz technology (automatic identification and precise code pairing), you may have more than 20 cars running at the same field at the same time!
.It has a charging socket: you can use to charge the car's battery.(This will consume the battery power of the transmitter's).
.It is proportional R/C car: So when you pull the throttle trigger just a little, it goes slow, And speeds up as you pull trigger more. And when you turn wheel just a little, it turns less and turns more as you turn control wheel more.

Functional Introduction Of 2.4GHz Transmitter
LCD Screen. Turn-Left/ Turn-Right, Forward/ Backward/ Brake.
Quick/Slow gear switch, Decoding.
Forward Trim, Backward Trim, Turn-right Trim, Turn-left Trim.
Trimmer of Left/Right direction scope.
Battery cover, Charging indicator.

Instruction On Battery Loading

1. Pull the power switch of the model car to "off" position.
2. OPen the battery cover.
3. Insret the lithium battery into the socket[ keep the red wire of the battery aligned with the car's red wire, so does the black wire].
4. Put the lithium battery into the car's battery compartment.
5. Close the battery cover.

This package includes :

1. 1X 2.4G Remote controller
2. 1X MiNi RC Truck
3. 1X USB Charging Cable (Charge up the Heli battery)
4. 1X 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po Battery
5. 1X Instruction Manual

6. Buy Now Extra 1X 3.7V 110mAh Li-Po Battery FREE!


. length: 113 mm
. width: 76 mm
. height: 56 mm
. color: Red
. Charging Time: 15-25 minutes
. Range: 50-80m
. Transmitter requires 6 AA Batteries to operate