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GW XIEDA 9928 For Beginner Mini RC Helicopter
GW XIEDA 9928 For Beginner Mini RC Helicopter
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GW Xieda 9928 mini 4CH RC helicopter:
GW Xieda 9928 is a upgraded version of the successful GW Xieda 9958 mini 4CH RC helicopter.
GW Xieda 9958 is a good mini 4CH RC helicopter (Best for Beginners). Many people worldwide fly it, and like it. You can search for "GW Xieda 9958" on YOUTUBE, and you can find thousands of videos. This proves that the GW Xieda 9958 is popular worldwide. Now the upgraded version comes: GW Xieda 9928.

The size of GW Xieda 9928:

GW Xieda 9928 is slightly larger than the GW Xieda 9958:

A LED screen was upgrade for the GW Xieda 9928's transmitter.

A transmitter with LED screen, you can see the current state of the operation, fine tuning state and battery power.

GW Xieda 9928 Features:
Easy and fast to Disassembly the power Lithium Battery.

Flexible steering:

This package includes :

1. 1X 2.4G Remote controller
2. 1X 4CH MiNi RC HelicopterPre
3. 1X USB Charging Cable (Charge up the Heli battery)
4. 1X 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po Battery
5. 1X Instruction Manual

6. Extra 1 Pair Blade
7. Extra 1 X Tail Rotor
8. Buy Now Extra 1X 3.7V 350mAh Li-Po Battery FREE!

. Main-blade diameter: 23 cm
. Tail-blade diameter: 4.5 cm
. Balance-bar diameter: 15 cm
. Canopy dimensions(length, width, height): 22.5cm, 4.5cm, 4cm
. Weight without battery: 57.7 g
. Flight Duration: 6-9minutes
. Charging Time: 30-45 minutes
. Range: 50-80m
. Transmitter requires 6 AA Batteries to operate

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